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Provence, France

Israel... and many more

"In Marrakesh, Mr. Kadosh, one of the leaders of this Jewish community, invited us to his home for dinner (all 60 of us).  Much to our surprise, we were greeted with horse drawn carriages sent to transport us to Mr. Kadosh's home.  It was an unbelievable experience."

"In Avignon, we attended services in an ancient synagogue and shared Friday night Shabbat dinner with local Jews.  The Rabbi from Marseilles conducted bar/bat mitzvah services in the Carpentras synagogue (the oldest in France) which were shared by local Jewish families."

"The IAT archaeological dig experience has been one of the great highlights of our Israel tour.  This is truly a "hand's on" project, in which we have actually participated in some fascinating discoveries from the past civilizations which have occupied the land of Israel."

How Jewish is an IAT Heritage tour?

While IAT tours highlight Jewish history, all tours are multicultural and feature a rich variety of sites and activities.