"We were walking along the Cal (the Jewish Street) in this beautiful city, when we heard noises nearby.
There were some men apparently digging in what appeared to be a deep hole in the street. One of the
men looked up, and in Spanish, said, 'I saw you in Shul last night…' We had been to services Friday
night in a Barcelona synagogue. When we climbed into this excavation, we were quickly advised
that these Jewish historians had only recently discovered a 15th century Murano synagogue.
There was the ark, what was obviously a synagogue for secret Jewish worshippers. Needless
to say, we were all overwhelmed by this fantastic evidence of our incredible Jewish history.

"We had similar experiences in Egypt and Istanbul, where we met with members of
the Jewish communities.

"These are the kinds of things that are in store for you when you join one of
the IAT Jewish Heritage excursions into our global Jewish history."