"In Avignon, we attended services in an ancient synagogue and shared Friday night Shabbat
dinner with local Jews. The Rabbi from Marseilles conducted Bar/Bat Mitzvah services in the
Carpentras synagogue (the oldest in France) which were shared by local Jewish families.
One of the Jewish patrons of this ancient synagogue hosted the Bar/Bat Mitzvah gala
luncheon at their beautiful French country estate. We dined in the finest Michelin star
restaurants (Baumaniere in Les Beaux and Le Clos de la Violette in Aix en Provence).
At Les Milles, we held our Holocaust service to commemorate the Jewish prisoners
who were held in this brick factory, and learned about their 'benign' captivity,
depicted by an incredible mural painted by the great artist Max Ernst, who was
one of the prisoners held by the Vichy French in World War II."