"The IAT archaeological dig experience has been one of the great highlights of our Israel tour.  This is truly
a 'hands on' project, in which we have actually participated in some fascinating discoveries from the past
civilizations which have occupied the land of Israel. Our incredible contacts have enabled us to meet
with controversial leaders of settlements like Ariel (Ron Nachman) where we were witness to the
historical development of areas neglected for centuries.

"We were the first to hold a Bar/Bat Mitzvah service at the foot of Mt. Sinai. You can only
imagine the unbelievable scene that greeted us when we arrived at Mt. Sinai to find a
tent set up by our Egyptian hosts, who had brought from Cairo the most exquisite
carpets which lined the walls and the floors of the tent. In the midst of this exotic setting,
there was a magnificent Kiddush table set with china and crystal, and we were
served by waiters dressed in tuxedos. The visit to Santa Caterina monastery
capped off this incredible experience.

"When we visited Petra in Jordan (after having crossed the Israeli/Jordanian border
from Eilat), we were hosted with a dance performance and a wonderful dinner.

"In the Galilee we met with Druze families, where we learned about
this mysterious group of people."