"We met with the Jewish community of Moscow and St. Petersburg, and learned of the re-emergence
of the Jewish communities throughout Russia. Their leaders told us that over 3,000 people attended
a seder held in Moscow. It was fascinating to witness the renaissance of the Jewish community
out of a society that had tried to destroy any remnants of Russian Jewish heritage. We visited
the beautiful Coral synagogues in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and the magnificent castles
of Russia's opulent past history, including Peterhof and the palace of St. Catherine, who
had built the Coral synagogues for the Jewish community in medieval times."

"The cruise along the Rhine River took us deep into areas rarely visited by outsiders,
giving us a personal view of the history of the land of many of our ancestors."

"We had a private tour (through a connection with UNESCO) of the Hermitage in
St. Petersburg, where we were thrilled with the incredible art works housed
in this massive cultural center."

"Wherever the IAT Heritage tour takes you, by bus or by riverboat, you
experience the many cultures of each of the lands you are visiting and
you experience the unique place of Jewish history in each
 ancient civilization."