People are choosing IAT Heritage tours for the excitement and dynamic adventures that await them.

Our Mission - Adventures through the world of tradition

At IAT, it is our mission to ensure that every aspect of our Jewish Heritage program provides a graphic, personal education for the adults and children who travel with us. We enrich our travelers' lives forever through exposure to the scope of the contributions of the Jewish people to world culture and history throughout the centuries.

The IAT Difference - Unforgettable journeys in uncompromising luxury and style

IAT tours differ from others in terms of the innovation and quality of the spiritual and historical experience our tours offer as well as the high quality of accommodations our travelers enjoy.

We were the first to create an Israel bar /bat mitzvah service on Masada, and a Holocaust service at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem. We have expanded this creative concept in each of the Jewish heritage destinations in our program.

Our focus is on building homogeneous groups (adults only, families with compatible age children, single parent families, etc.) Our itineraries are imaginative, recreational and intellectually and spiritually stimulating. Every trip is a great adventure! People who have traveled with us over the years remain bonded to us forever, as well as to their fellow travelers. Conservative and Reform Rabbis throughout the United States have creative input to add richness to our programs.

IAT offers museum-quality tours that feature global Jewish culture, reflected in art, architecture, history and music through the ages.

IAT tours are renowned for the high standard of accommodations provided at each IAT location. In Israel we are known for our excellent restaurant dining program.